4 Icons | Spring Wave

So far on the blog, we've highlighted the symbols of our brand and what they mean to us at Okanagan Lifestyle. As the start of summer rushes towards us, we would be remiss in not highlighting the Wave Icon and it's corresponding season: spring!

When we think of the wave, we think of currents, tempo, tide - the pace, steadiness, and cycles of living. The 4 icons is at its core about balance and we feel that the most in the symbol of the wave. Water itself is a life force to us here in the valley and never ceases to bring to us a sense of reciprocity, perspective, and cleansing. 

The symbol of the wave is where we find our flow, understanding the natural rhythms and cycles of the elements around us. The wave begins the cycle of renewal all over again, giving us a season of cleansing and integration.

This month we were incredibly excited to launch our Paddleboard Program - the first experiential offering from Okanagan Lifestyle. Born from a desire to bring community together in fostering health and wellness, our paddleboard sessions give us an opportunity to get out on the water, spend time connecting to nature, and ourselves.  You can join us for one of our class offerings, including an easy going Lifestyle class or deeply relaxing yoga class. 

Getting out on the water teaches us important lessons in wellness, and we're grateful for the chance to slow down + foster flow, playfulness, and connection. 

      1. Flow | Water is constantly moving and following its own flow and rhythm. When we spend time by the water we are reminded to pay attention to our own bodies in the same way. Everyone has their own flow and pace to follow, and it's only by getting to know ourselves better that we learn to honour the cycles of our own lives. 

      2. Playfulness | For most of us getting out on the lake is pure bliss. It's all joy! And water reminds us to be playful again. Watch any child playing on the beach and they'll tell you the same thing. Approaching life with a sense of play helps us launch into new seasons and changes. 
      3. Connection | There is nothing that is not enriched by water's connection to it. That connection to water is vital. Water invites us to make conversation, to ask someone how they're feeling, to reach out. In this case, we invite you to engage with the Indigenous practices and knowledge of water. Specifically by reading the amazing and beautiful Syilx Water Declaration here

Okanagan Lifestyle respectfully acknowledges that our community is located on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Syilx/Okanagan, Secwepemc, and Ktunaxa Nations.