Sustainably Made in Canada | Earth Month

When we say Made in Canada...

We mean made sustainably. We mean made for the land we live on. We mean made for all four-seasons. We mean made to weather anything. We mean designed locally. We mean building stronger communities. We mean let’s do better together. We mean made for the Okanagan. We mean made for you.

At every bend and turn of the supply chain, we’re asking ourselves how can we make this more sustainable? Wherever and however we can, we’re changing the game of sustainable supply chains, finding the best partners to work with that are innovative and socially conscious with strong values at the core. Whether that’s discovering small businesses that are salvaging and turning plastic-waste into something beautiful, or seeking local collaborators, we’re always thinking about our strong and thoughtful OKGN-based community.


Our goods are made for the humans who live in them. Designed in Kelowna. Made in Canada. We source our goods from suppliers that are grounded in 4 key principles:

1. Sustainable + Innovative Methods

Many of our suppliers are finding new methods for dealing with the worst environmental offenders in fashion – like water waste, plastic pollution, and landfill excess. That's why you see products like our recycled plastic OKGN beer and wine glasses, or our hoodies made with 50% Bamboo fibres. Less waste means more clean air, fresh lake dips, and green spaces.

2. Ethical Practices

We’re only as good as the team of people who work for us. That’s why treating people with respect and kindness is paramount. Ethical practices are all about how we respect the humans, planet, and life that supports us. Our manufacturers are sweatshop free and human-focused.

3. Socially Conscious Mindset

Sitting on the fence when it comes to the most pressing issues of today is just not how we play – we’re here to get in the game, get uncomfortable, do the work, and make real change. Having a socially aware mindset is a must when it comes to how we think about “Made in Canada.”

4. Community Hearted

Our partners all have big hearts, like us, and include philanthropy and charity in how they operate their business. That’s important to us. Community will always be at the heart of what we do and we want our goods to reflect that.

Learn more about how we're creating a sustainable brand here

| Written by our OKGN writer-in-residence, Nicole Gerber @nicole.etc