Jaclyn Robertson

Owner + Chief Visionary

As the visionary and connector of the brand, Jaclyn is the glue that keeps everything together and the forward-thinking heartbeat of OKGN. A mother, lifelong learner (proud UBCO Alumni),  Mamas for Mamas board member, and generous listener to our powerhouse team.

Fave Okanagan Location: Anywhere by the water where I can swim or dip my toes in!

OKGN Humblebrag: I can Paddleboard to work!

What does the Okanagan Lifestyle mean to you?
It begins and ends with the land. To me, this lifestyle means everything. 



Nicole Gerber

General Manager

With experience in the charity sector and a deep love of community and team building, Nicole keeps the OKGN adventure moving ahead. Endlessly curious, Nicole loves to learn from everything around her and excels at communication in all forms for our team and beyond. 

Fave Okanagan Location: Walking, running, cycling, or boarding along Abbott Street through every season. 

Go-to OKGN styling: Cursive tan long sleeve (pictured), paired with high-waisted bottoms and fave accessories. 

What does the Okanagan Lifestyle mean to you?
Creating your own unique path + supporting community through the journey. 




Mimi Mutahi

Sales + Community Lead
Mimi is our rockstar community builder. She makes meaningful connections with partners that align with our values and works with our amazing regional wholesale suppliers. 

Fave Okanagan Location: Any patio in the sun, literally any patio!

Go-to OKGN Apparel: Align Hoodie (so excited about our limited edition Tie-dye version!)

What does the Okanagan Lifestyle mean to you?

Balance in all senses. Weather, landscape, and living - it's finding balance in working hard and playing hard.



Ariele Parker

Brand Manager
Our sustainability warrior - Ariele sources the best options for our products with the environment in mind. She also ensures our brand's marketing is always aligned with our values. 


Fave Okanagan Location: I love paddle boarding in the Lagoon during the summer and being up on the mountain snowboarding in winter.

Go-to OKGN item: Full circle t-shirt in black. Always oversized.  Either with bike shorts, high waisted jeans or a denim skirt.

What does the Okanagan Lifestyle mean to you?
The balance between giving and taking from the land we live on. 



Emma Tassie

Shop Manager

Emma keeps our shop in tip-top shape and brings A+ service to our customers. She also merchandises our products and steps behind the camera to get the best shot. 

Fave Okanagan Location: Coldstream in North Okanagan.

OKGN Humblebrag: I can bike along the rail trail from Vernon all the way to work!

What does the Okanagan Lifestyle mean to you? Four-season living! My favourite seasons are spring and summer. Warmth, wildflowers, swimming, and exploring. 



Alicia Sieben

Studio Assistant

Alicia supports us in the shop, processes orders, and provides our customers with friendly and kind service. She also lends her creative eye to our Thrifted Program. 

Fave Okanagan Location: Kalamalka Lake for a sunset picnic.

Go-to OKGN apparel: My current fave is the fleece tee!

What does the Okanagan Lifestyle mean to you? Having the freedom to travel 15 minutes or less in any direction and be in touch with the serenity of nature.