Our Story

The Okanagan lifestyle is more than a way of life - it's a movement. Okanagan Lifestyle Apparel is more than apparel - it's a vehicle to create positive change within our community. We come from the mentality that the more people we meet, the more curious we become, the more we see, touch and taste, the more we grow TOGETHER. It's about inclusivity. Everyone's invited. It's an adventure. 

We believe in conscious consumerism. Every decision we make from colour, to design, to marketing strategies, to our community interactions, begins and ends with quality of product, service and experience. A portion of our sales will always go back into the Okanagan community in some unique way, shape or form. 

By purchasing OLA you're not only joining us in celebrating the unique beauty of the place we call home you're contributing to sparking positive change. Cheers to that.

Share your pride. Spread the love!



 - Jaclyn & Markku -

Co-creators and Community Celebrators