4 Icons | Summer Sun

Summers in the Okanagan always sweep us off our feet — and before we know it, it's September. 

To define the sun symbol in our 4 icons is to talk about abundance. The abundance summer offers, of sunshine, adventures, and trying to soak up every last bit of it. 

This summer was no joke when it came to the fullest of offerings: for us it meant the opening of our expanded shop, the launch of our paddleboard program and a new artist series collection, but it also saw all of us travelling through heat waves, wildfires, and smoke. Sometimes abundance means all of it - the good times and the difficult together. 

It's an all out, bursting-at-the-seams season. 

What we've come to appreciate most about that sun in the sky, summer feeling, is the way it makes us savour the good days - the incredible scenery around us, the way the community comes out and celebrates, the memories made. As the saying goes, no one is an island, and the celebrations of the high seasons mean more when they are shared. At OKGN, the big burst of light at the centre of it all is the people that make up our team - that put in the work, that balance work and play, and live the lifestyle in their own beautiful ways. To the team on this journey with us, and to our seasonal staff that joined the fun, we say a big CHEERS to another amazing summer season.