Do Less, Be More

A consciously hand-selected collection of thrifted goods. We love this program for its zero carbon footprint and the invitation for less consumption and more living. That's where our "Do less, be more" mantra comes from: the idea that all we need is a little less doing, and a little more being. 

From tie-dye thrifted pieces by our own Mama Jo, to screen printed jackets and sweaters, the thrifted program has seen us through many adventures. We're excited to re-launch this program with slow living in mind. All the upcoming pieces are found locally by our Shop Assistant, Madi, who will be running the program from top to bottom. These pieces are then embroidered at a locally-owned business in Kelowna with our designs - creating very little environmental impact. A reminder that you don't have to go very far to appreciate the beauty around you. 

How it works

#OKGNThrifted is run entirely through @okanaganlifestyle Instagram stories with a new drop coming every Thursday!

━ Each drop will include a few pieces of a variety of inclusive sizes and unisex thrifted options embroidered or sreen printed with our signature thrifted designs: "do less, be more" or our Okanagan mountain and trees illustration

━ Must DM or call to purchase

━ Made for Kelowna + Okanagan Locals: Because we want to keep the impact small, these items are available for pick-up at our shop only

━ Each thrifted piece will be limited edition, one and only. The first person to message following instructions will claim the item