Four Season iPhone Case

$27 CAD $44 CAD


Think Globally, Act Locally
We’re elated to partner with Pela, a company of innovators headquartered here in Kelowna, BC making the world's first truly eco-friendly, sustainable phone cases! 

These cases are 100% compostable, composed mainly of FLAX farmed right here in Canada. What does this mean? Less waste in our lakes, streams, landfills and oceans.  

We consciously chose our 4 icon design to live on these cases- a mark that celebrates four season living at its finest. A nod to Mother Nature, the planet, and its power to govern and elevate our Okanagan Lifestyle. 


  • Designed in Kelowna. Made in Canada.
  • Available in Black and Beetroot
  • Available for iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, (iPhone X coming 2020)


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