OKGN Dog Bandana

$35 CAD

Only 4 pieces in stock!

Description: Your loyal companion is already cute, but these adorable bandanas will seriously put them over the edge on cuteness overload. Is there anything more on point than matching your pet in OKGN gear? We love to see it. 


  • Locally sourced 100% organic cotton fabric with metal snaps 
  • Designed + Made in Kelowna. 
Sizes: Small: up to 13", Medium: up to 19”, Large: up to 22”

Measure pets’ neck and ensure there is 2 fingers width after tying and snapping bandana, for comfort. Fit is adjustable based on how bandana is tied (1 or 2X): can be snapped or folded over slightly, or tied and then snapped. Bandanas will bunch up as they are worn with time and “shorten" while worn. Can be wet to cool pet down in hot weather.

Care Instructions: Machine washable and dried or hung to dry. Iron if desired. Avoid ironing snaps. Choking hazard, use with supervision. Quick snap release with metal snap. Not liable for injuries related to wearing item. 

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