OKGN Can Chiller (12 oz.)

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Save yourself from warm beer and sweaty hands with the MiiR Can Chiller. Seriously, your drink stands no chance of warming up. Just drop in your can or bottle, twist on the rubber gasket for a secure fit, and crack open your beverage. Enjoy an easy grip with our Hardshell™ powder coat finish and let our Thermo 3D® double wall vacuum insulation technology do all the work while you chill out with the Can Chiller.


  • 12 oz can chiller
  • Not intended for use as a drinking vessel

We've worked with MiiR to bring you a quality bottle that features:

  • Thermo 3D Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology
  • Temp Deflector Technology that reflects hot and cold temps back into the bottle instead of through the lid keeping your drink warmer for longer
  • 18/8 Medical grade stainless steel that doesn't retain transfer flavour
  • Contents stay cold for 24+ hours and hot for up to 12 hours. 
  • BPA Free, ice cube compatible, easy to clean

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