Maville Black Bamboo Overalls

$40 CAD $55 CAD

Only 1 piece in stock!

These stunning organic bamboo kids overalls have been rescued from overstock from a dear friend + past team members’ Vancouver shop. Emma Knudsen worked with our brand many years ago + is a cherished friend. Our 4 icon ballcap is called "The Mike" in the name of Emma's late Father.

When Em made the decision to close her companies last year, we eagerly agreed to support her in the transition by finding a home for some of the beautiful garments she had on hand. These stunning bamboo overalls-- from her brand called Maville were inspired by our Founder Jaclyn's two sons. A full circle creative flow!!!

This Spring collection from top to bottom is an ode to friendship that lasts the test of time, an ode to family, + also to new beginnings. This collection combines the love of craftsmanship that Emma puts into her designs + materials. The hand drawn detailing on the overalls was playfully crafted by Hannah and Mylah Ferguson, young daughters within the OKGN brand. GIRL POWER!! We can’t wait to see you try on + fall in love with these beautiful bamboo beauties. Fair warning, limited quantity!

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