OKGN Varsity Crew

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Introducing: The OKGN Varsity Collection. A nod and celebration of the life-long learning mentality that defines us. Crafted with passion and a commitment to excellence, this collection is a testament to our enduring relationship with UBCO, where the roots of our founder run deep as proud alumni. Inspired by the invaluable research collaboration undertaken during the challenging times of the pandemic, each piece reflects resilience, innovation, slowness, sustainability and the spirit of academics, it embodies the spirit of continual growth and academic curiosity.

Our Varsity Collection is more than fashion; it's a nod to studentship in all its diverse forms. Where style meets substance, and the journey of learning never ends.


  • Designed in Kelowna. Made in Canada.
  • 100% Cotton
  • 20oz Brushed Back Fleece

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Hang dry.

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