Our 4 Icons

The 4 icons have lived at the heart of Okanagan Lifestyle since the very beginning. 

They are a visual representation of what this lifestyle means to us, from mountains, to lakes, to valleys. We always say that residing in the Okanagan is four season living at its finest. But its more than that, these four small symbols represent the epic adventure of living well and deeply through all of life’s seasons. A balance between the onrushing of summer’s playful sunshine to the slowness of snow-covered winter slopes. We are gifted with the rare opportunity to experience these seasons in their fullness.

Each icon resonates with the natural element it represents, honouring the landscape we encounter every day. A sense of place is important to how we define ourselves and how we move through the world. It is here in the Okanagan that we move, become, and be still.


Logo LeafFor us, we begin with the Canadian maple leaf, a representation of our country, yes, but also of the warmth and comfort that seeing that shape turn the truest of reds in the Fall gives us, from our own small corners of the valley to the edges of our wide-reaching country. It is the changing of seasons, when we take mindful strolls in the cooling air, soaking up the last of the longer days and the changing colours of the leaves. Adventurous hikes with our families, furry friends in tow. Brisk bike rides feeling the wind in our hair and the pounding of our hearts. Alive and changing.

Logo Snowflake


We’re just as defined by the snowfall as we are by the sunshine. And our snowflake reminds us of fresh mountain air, bundled in our sweaters, parkas, and toques, ready to hit the slopes or just to share a cup of cocoa with our favourite people. Those fleeting moments of feeling at once merry and bright and quiet and still when you stand long enough to watch the snowflakes fall.


The cold of winter only makes us appreciate the summer sunshine that much more. Afterall, we are a community of movers and shakers, and the summertime brings that out in full force. The sun symbol is the epitome of that sun high in the sky feeling, when we are filled to the brim with plans and memories in the making. Getting out on the lake with our paddle boards or setting up our tents in the middle of the forest, whatever makes us feel closest to nature and freedom.


Logo WaveBut there’s something particularly special about the spring, when summer is just a promise and we find ourselves gathering closer and closer to the waterline watching the snow caps slowly recede up the mountains and the water rush back to its source. The symbol of the wave is where we find our flow, understanding the natural rhythms and cycles of the elements around us. The wave begins the cycle of renewal all over again, giving us a season of cleansing and integration. We live in the flow of the seasons and we want to celebrate each phase, transition, and story that the landscape gifts us.


The intentions of these four icons is stitched into every product we make. We want to adventure with you - creating a community of trail hikers, snowball throwers, sun chasers, and lake jumpers. Take us with you.

Written by our OKGN writer-in-residence, Nicole Gerber @nicole.etc

Okanagan Lifestyle respectfully acknowledges that our community is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Syilx/Okanagan, Secwepemc, and Ktunaxa Nations.