Taking Care

The lessons of the last year have been giant, but none as big as reconfiguring what it means to take care - of ourselves, of each other, and the world around us. The added time spent at home has meant that every small thing was magnified and somewhere along the way we all learned how to slow down a little more and how to find joy and meaning in the simple things. While the grandness of adventuring may always call us, we also love the details of everyday life. That's why we thought we'd dedicate a few moments to how we take care of our beloved products. 

 Care/ Of

When you bring home one of our OKGN goods, you're joining in the story of our community, our landscape, and our home. We want that feeling of excitement and joy to last a long time after purchase - that's why we take pride in the quality of our pieces. In our last blog, we told you all about the sustainable choices we're making and what we're doing to protect the environment we live in. We hope that in the care of your OKGN pieces you'll also take up that goal with us. Taking care of the things you own, like clothing, means they'll have a longer life and create less waste - that means more adventures for you and your OKGN goods! 

Care Instructions

As we continue our sustainable journey, we have been working hard to ensure that you have all the information you need to take care of the clothing you love. That's why we've added care instructions to our product descriptions. But really it's not overly complicated at all: wash less, wash cold, and hang to dry. That's the easiest way to ensure your favourite pieces last a long time! If you still want to keep that cozy, fluffy feeling of your fave Okanagan Lifestyle crewneck - tumble dry low. Don't worry, our soft 50/50 Ring Spun Poly/Cotton fleece fabric is already pre-shrunk. And when it comes to your sweaty and well-used OKGN activewear - made with sustainable bamboo - just put it on the delicate cycle. 


If you know, you know, but we've always mended any snags, tears, and holes your clothing may have sustained over the years. For a long time, our owner's mom would sew it herself, so taking care has always been a family endeavour for us! We never want you to feel like your only option is to throw away your OKGN garments, bring it to us and we will absolutely find a way to fix it for you. Another little known secret is that we de-pill! Yes, that means if your goods ever get those little fuzzies all over, we'll take care of it for you. Let us take care of you and your clothes and we'll keep adventuring together for a long time to come!

| Written by our OKGN writer-in-residence, Nicole Gerber @nicole.etc