4 Icons | Winter Snowflake

In the land of all-season play, winter in the Okanagan is magical (I mean...at SilverStar you can literally go for a horse-drawn carriage ride through the snow)! Whatever activity you love to do, there's so many ways to take advantage of powder days here. Whether it's snowshoeing along the trails of the Kelowna Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Club, ripping down the black diamonds of Big White, or just having a snowball fight in your own backyard. We love ALL of it!

And we still love seeing our Classic Crewnecks covered in snow too. As our longest standing basic and most iconic product, we remain blown away by the places it travels with you! Especially in our coldest, yet coziest, season! 

But winter also reminds us to slow down, and it seems that the world at large is telling us the same thing. With limited events and gatherings happening this year, it's a good time to turn our attentions back to the basic things that make our daily lives so meaningful.

The snow covered trees and mountains bring a quiet hush to everything allowing us the opportunity to be quiet too. It's in this season that we love to curl up on the couch, or better yet escape under a blanket fort, with a good book or our favourite people (should we start calling our "bubbles," cuddle puddles or is that too much??) The point is to get as cozy as possible and notice how much joy there is in the simple things. We can't think of anything more comforting and satisfying than the feeling of pulling on our warmest sweatpants after a full day playing in the snow, can you?

As part of our 4 icons, the snowflake reminds most of the balance we continue to practice between play and rest. After all, to observe just one single snowflake takes slowing down, noticing, and being present. In the wildest of our winter days, we still seek to do less, and be more. 

Written by our OKGN writer-in-residence, Nicole Gerber @nicole.etc