Open Space

It’s that time again ☀️ Our next open OKGN Community Couselling session— OPEN SPACE— with our brilliant pals @thirdspacecharity is set for Thursday, May 23 from 6pm-8pm. Limited tickets now live.

The topic we’re discussing this quarter (+ that our experts + counsellors are guiding us on) is a whopper — Moral Injury + Boundaries. ☀️

The title “moral injury” may sound less familiar, but the emotion surrounding it is a part of daily life for many. There are endless instances in any community that require folks to act or witness moments that conflict with morals or beliefs.☀️

Whether facing burnout, witnessing suffering on the news (or in your own city), a healthcare worker or teacher in moral conflict with requirements to do a job… moral injury can leave us experiencing guilt, helplessness, stress, depression, + beyond. ☀️

Our OPEN SPACE series is a place to offer community support + guidance to help answer questions like:
How can our work/jobs be sustainable while experiencing moral injury? How can we be helpful while also protecting ourselves with boundaries in order to be of service to our people/community? ☀️

This next OPEN SPACE is for YOU. Join us in learning. ☀️