Home Team Youth T-Shirt

$35 CAD

100% of the proceeds from this t-shirt are going to support JoeAnna's House. 

This Capsule Collection was inspired by marriage between unwavering community pride, and a desire for authentic connectivity within our local and visiting communities - in every stage of wellbeing. 

Two years ago we found ourselves living out of the KGH NICU when our son, Indy, was born 2 months premature. The experience gifted us perspective, a newfound appreciate for the concept of HOME, and overwhelming gratitude for the privileges we are privy to here in Kelowna- especially by means of KGH and the support it provides to the unwell.

We've seen with our own eyes and hearts the need for a homebase for families whose loved ones are here receiving care. With everything happening around the globe today, we’d love to see our city stand together in setting the example for opening our doors and caring genuinely for one another.


Click here if you're AMAZING and would like to donate (beyond the proceeds of your goods) to our team's goal of $10, 000! Every penny counts. 


Colour: Black with white print 

Sizes                                            Body Width               Full Body Length

Small (fits sizes 6-8)                          15.25"                             20.88"

Medium (fits sizes 10-12)                  16.25"                             22.13"

Large (fits sizes 14-16)                      17.25"                             23.38"

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