OKGN Summer Fruit + Veggie Bags

$199 CAD
5 weeks of access to the valley's finest fruit + veggies. Newly with an option for deliveries of local organic Okanagan produce supporting local farmers!
Choose between a Veggie only box, Fruit only box or a Veggie + Fruit Box.
Pickup: Fridays at The Ugly Fruit Market @ Okanagan Lifestyle
What if I can't make it?
No problem, just send a friend to pick it up for you! Any forgotten bags will be donated to a person downtown in need
What if I don't like something in my bag?
We encourage you to try new things and expand your horizons; however, we get it, somethings just give you the ick. We will have a leave-one-take-one bin where you can swap out items with other people that you don't like.
How much will I get?
We will fill the bags worth of approximately $33 of organic local produce each week.  Each week will be a fun new adventure with local food!
Where do you get the produce from?
We support farmers throughout the Okanagan valley.  Fruit comes from the South Okanagan and ground crops tend to come from the North.  Some of the awesome farmers you might recognize in our bags are:
Wise Earth Farms, Kelowna, BC
Greencroft Gardens, Grinrod BC
Lina's Gardens, Cawston BC
Wild Flight Farms, Mara BC
Harkers Organics, Cawston BC
Localmotive, Summerland BC
What the Fungus, Summerland BC
Roots and Greens, Grinrod, BC
Hoisington Organic Farm, Armstrong BC
Kazy Farms, Salmon Arm BC
DONATE a bag of local nourishment:
1. Mamas for Mamas. We have a list of families in need from Mamas for Mamas. Sharing the abundance is beautiful and needed more than ever in this chapter. Please contact us to let us know you’d like your goods donate to Mamas. 

2. Purchase groceries to donate Fridays to the Kelowna Community Fridge! We will deliver on your behalf. 

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