OKGN Recycled Glasses

$16 CAD

Believe it or not these sleek glasses are made from 100% recycled food-grade plastics that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Cheers to that! 

Take this lightweight yet durable glass with you on any adventure in style with its custom carrying bag (that catches delicious drippings after use perfectly). 
This carrying bag is made in collaboration with talented local Kelowna maker @themarketbags from scraps of fabric from our classic crewnecks— proudly 100% upcycled products. Don’t think your glass needs a bag..? Use it for snacks instead! Visit The Market Bags for tips on using this bag to eliminate single-use plastics while grocery shopping.
*Note: DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER or use for hot liquids. Wash your cup by hand. Carrying bag is machine washable. 

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