OKGN White Quick Dry Hat

$45 CAD

Description: Suitable for sweaty OKGN summers and ideal for various sport activities - running, cycling, or golfing. This quick dry hat has been team tested and approved. Sweat proof, lake proof, chill proof. Sandwich visor can be styled flat or curved. Best of both worlds. 

Meet the inspiration: Community Manager for Pela Case, Model, and UBCO Alumni, this woman wears many hats. No matter what Sara is diving into, she always approaches it with grace and heaps of laughter. Her favourite things? Community collaboration, creativity, and travels with her hubby. 


  • Low crown, 5-panel sandwich visor
  • Machine washable/lake washable
  • Adjustable snap strap
  • Material: 100% Nylon

Size: 0/S Sandwich Visor

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