Welcome to the 6th edition of Okanagan's most popular scavenger hunt style adventure! 

A small peek into the locals perspective. ZERO kickbacks and 100% FREE to access. 

50 local adventures. 2 months to complete. Hundreds of dollars in prizes. Created in celebration of our playground. Because we often get asked our favourite things to do here in the OKGN. For the second time, this list was carefully curated by a committee of humans from North, Central and South Okanagan, passionate and up to date on all things local food, outdoor and indoor adventures, beer, wine and workouts. (Thank you to our amazing committee members)!

Without further ado...grab your friends, spread the word and be on your way to the best Winter of your life and a chance at thousands of dollars in prizes...The Adventure runs December 1st to January 31st!



    1.  To foster getting outdoors + breaking out of comfort zones.
    2.  To share the expertise of our amazing and well rounded committee of dedicated local experts and adventures  
    3.  To deepen our appreciation for this incredible valley and encourage supporting all things local.

    "Rules" are simple:

    1. Adventures must run their course December 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020  (no posting/ hash tagging past experiences- you will be disqualified cheater cheater pumpkin eater.)
    2.  Take and share a photo completing each adventure item. Insta-storying is highly encouraged. Together lets paint the valley in FUN. (see rule #5)
    3. Use the hashtag ABC's. Be sure to include the number of the adventure item you complete. This is how we confirm winners. Ex: A) #36, B) #myokanaganlifestyle C) #OKGNadventure
    4. Tag us and any participating business in your photos so everyone can follow along! @OkanaganLifestyle 
    5. Quality and creativity of photos make a difference in tie breaking circumstances!!
    6. Double points for including business owners/visionaries in photos along the way-- get to know the creatives behind this amazing community!