The Adventure List

The Okanagan Lifestyle Adventure List!
The "Okanagan Lifestyle Adventure" occurs annually from July 1 to August 31. Participation in our scavenger hunt style adventure is entirely  FREE. Our gift to the community - she deserves to be explored well!!
1. To connect people - turning strangers into friends.
2. To encourage supporting local!
3. To get outdoors + break out of comfort zones.
4. To deepen our appreciation for this incredible valley. 
5. To say thank you to our incredibly loyal followers and supporters -- each year we gift over $5000 in prizes from participating businesses to the top 3 adventurers (those who complete the most items on the list)!  
"Rules" are simple:
1. Complete an adventure - post a photo on Instagram. Note: Quality and creativity of photos make a difference in tie breaking circumstances!!
2. Use correct hashtags: 1. the adventure number you've completed; ex: #85, 2. #okanaganlifestyle 3. #myokanaganlifestyle 
3. Tag us and any participating business in your photos so we can follow along!
Stay tuned for the 2018 Adventure List!