Bright Jenny Coffee Gift Card

$25 CAD

A Coming Together of Local OKGN Businesses

As we watch our local business community pivoting in response to COVID19 we're doing everything in our power to support our fellow creatives whose hard work and passion is a paramount part of what makes our Okanagan lifestyle truly world-class. 

Thank you for supporting local in layers by purchasing gift cards to a few of our favourite local watering holes, shops, and fitness studios.

They keep us fed. They keep us healthy. They keep us living the life of our dreams and we love them for it. 


HOW TO REDEEM YOUR LOCAL GIFT CARDS: Provide a printed copy of your order confirmation to any of the participating businesses that you choose to support. All participating local businesses will accept your confirmation as cash and they will return back to you a physical gift card. Note: a few businesses are online only. Please contact them directly to redeem. 


Gift cards do not expire.

On behalf of all participating businesses, we love you! THANK YOU. #OKGNTogetherApart 

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